Email from Laurie Fierstein, one of the primary organizers of the New Museum of Contemporary Art Amazon Woman Exhibition.
Hi Bill,
This is the first opportunity I've had to catch my breath since the busy
events of the last week. The media events and opening on Thursday were
quite remarkable. I think there were well over 100 international press in
attendance at the afternoon press opening and over 1000 people at the
opening that evening. The women bodybuilders attended both events and we a
big hit, posing endlessly for the press inside the gallery in the afternoon
and posing in the museum windows facing Broadway that evening to wildly
appreciative crowds both inside and outside the museum. All I can say is
that it was a blast - full of excitement and electric with energy. Everyone
had a loads of fun -- artist, bodybuilders, media, museum folks, guests and
all. The Friday night Posing and Performing was packed and went very
well -- all the women had fun and did very nice performances. People in
attendance seemed to really enjoy the event. All the other events are going
quite well and the museum is getting an unusual and unprecedented response
from the media (all positive -- so far). The exhibition look wonderful.
Your pieces are getting a terrific response.

I don't even know if the museum has a press release about the events, but I
will find out and make sure they send you everything. I don't have a
scanner, so I can't email you media stuff, but there's lots of it. The
Times is expected to do a second article this Friday (a review) and the New
Yorker and the Nation are both doing articles, as is Art in America. New
York Magazine, Talk magazine and the Voice already had pieces and there are
very good promos all over the place including in the Daily News. Time Out
New York gave it the Pick of the Week for New York events. CNN and Fox TV
had major coverage on Thursday night. There are loads of others, but I
really can't think of them all. The museum will come out with a full list
at some point. You can probably get photos from WPW -- I know they took
many. If you'd prefer, I can try and get one from another source for your

I'm still on a whirlwind, as I have all kinds of press work and
Walk-Throughs with groups. In addition, Heather Foster and I are doing a
performance at the 14th Street Y on April 13 which we are busy preparing
for. It's called "Disturbing the Peace -- A Conversation in Performance by
Two Women Bodybuilders".

I look forward to seeing you in May and to your panel. Andrulla will be
posing in the Window on May 20 and maybe you can photograph her.

Please let me know if there is anything specific I can be helpful in
providing you with.

Warmest regards,