Hello everyone!

I trust this e-mail finds you all in good health.  As you all have now heard, the once prestigious Ms. Olympia finals have been relegated to a side show at the Olympia Expo.  We are asking you to send e-mails informing your fans, family, friends, pro men bodybuilders, etc., asking them to write to each of the individuals listed below, voicing your outrage over the way the professional women bodybuilders are being treated.  
We have suffered many indignities over the years, yet we still remain professional, and continue to compete under less than ideal circumstances, and for very little prize money.  They say we don't sell tickets, that no one wants to see us, yet we sold out the City Center Theater in NY!!!  Wayne DeMilia made a statement to that effect in Flex Magazine, which is why he removed the other two divisions from the lineup the following year.  So, those of us who attend the shows hear the difference in the reaction of the crowd when the female bodybuilders come onstage.  

I am in no way trying to take anything away from the other divisions (I have quite a few friends in both divisions).  I am just stating a fact. So, I will encourage all the divisions, the amateur athletes, fans, family, friends, etc. to send an e-mail to each of the individuals below regarding this latest outrage.  I do appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to to this.  Thank you all in advance.

David Pecker:
Vince Scalisi:
Peter McGough:

Healthfully Yours,

Heather Foster
IFBB Pro Bodybuilder