Welcome to the online webzine/gallery of celebrated photographer and writer Bill Dobbins. In these pages you will find the best and most artistic depictions of the muscular female physique in the world, hundreds of examples of the physique as fine art and thousands of images of artistic female nudes. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about these fantastic women through profiles and special feature articles.

You will also discover other surprising aspects of Bill Dobbins' artistic curiosity. For example, photographs and profiles of some of the top actresses in the adult video industry---porno chicks---up close and personal as you've never seen them before. You will also encounter the nether world of the strange and the bizzare---erotic photo experiments and unusual lifestyle choices, such as that of the world of SM and bondage and that of the transgendered.

This site is being expanded and updated amost on a daily basis as Bill Dobbins adds more and more of the material he has gathered over the course of a 20 year career, as well as brand new photos and articles which appear in these pages months before they are published in any print magazine, and which contain images which are too erotic for most bodybuilder and other mainstream publications.



SUPER FEATURES - Extended Portfolios

TATIANNA BUTLER - LARGER THAN LIFE- When it comes to the genetics for size, shapely muscle and sensuality, Tatianna is one of the most highly gifter on the female bodybuilding scene. Whether she can use her gifts to make it to the pro level is still an open question.

NIKKI FULLER - A RETROSPECTIVE - photo sets from 1990 to 1996 documenting the career of one of the most impressive female bodybuilders of the 1990s.

LESA LEWIS - SPECIAL SUPER FEATURE - Two new sets of nudes, studio glamour, desert "construction" photos, a comprehensive look at one of the biggest and best competitors in the history of female bodybuilding.

ANDRULLA BLANCHETTE SUPERFEATURE - Four photo sets featuring the first IFBB Lightweight Ms. Olympia.

TIMEA MAYOROVA - LEARNING THE LESSON OF MUSCLE- IFBB World Fitness Champion was told she was "too muscular" to succeed as a pro. See what happened when she heeded this advice...and when she decided not to.

LENDA MURRAY "SUPERFEATURE" "African" photo feature of Lenda, plus a look back to 1990 when she was still "The Shape of Things To Come."

FEMALE MUSCLE AT HOOVER DAM - A photo feature with Lesa Lewis, Amy Pazzo, Jenifer Collins and Lisa Lowe, shot at the foot of breathtaking Hoover Dam.

POOLSIDE MUSCLE -- Female bodybuilders and fitness competitors photographed around the pool at the Alexis Park Hotel in Las Vegas the day after the NPC USA 2000. Feature is "under construction" with more photo sets yet to be added.

CALIFORNIA DREAMING - Fitness models and aspiring fitness competitors Alana Triplett and Doris Dany at Malibu's El Matador Beach.

EXOTIC MUSCLE: THE ASIAN CONNECTION - A special pictorial featuring beautiful, Asian physique women.

ADVENTURES IN ICELAND - Melissa Coates and Ericca Kern explore the sand, sea and glaciers of exotic Iceland.

THE RISE AND FALL OF A LPHIE NEWMAN -She broke 6 world powerlifting records, was NPC Teenage National Champion and the first Ms. Galaxy. Then a terrible accident cut short her budding career in fitness and acting. The Alphie Newman story, from powerlifting stage to critical care.



.SPECIAL FEATURES - And In-Depth Profiles

VALENTINA CHEPIGA - IN COMPETITION - Photos of the Heavyweight Division Ms. Olympia showing her rise from last place in the Ms. Olypia 99 to first place at the Ms. Olympia 2000 in Las Vegas.

MICHIKO NISHIWAKI - A profile of the bodybuilder, actress, martial artist, the first Japanese Women's Bodybuilding Champion, known as the "Japanese Rachel McLish."

AMY PAZZO GOES FOR GLAMOUR - Bodybuilding is not a beauty contest, but Amy has discovered the value of looking sexy and attractive on stage.

TYRA RISBY: TRIBUTE TO JOSEPHINE BAKER - The winner of the 1999 NPC California in a pictorial salute to the African-American dancer who became the toast of Paris in the 1920s.

THE RETURN OF ANJA LANGER- Anja may well be the most beautiful woman athlete of all time.

TONI DEE'S EXCELLENT DESERT ADVENTURE - Toni nude at Joshua Tree National Monument as seen in Muscle Elegance.

BRIDGETT "BABYDOLL" RILEY - PRO BOXING'S REAL GLAMOUR GIRL - Forget about what you may have seen in PLAYBOY, Bridgett's the real thing.

THESE LADIES AIN'T NO ANTIQUES! - Nikki Fuller, Astrid Falconi, Joanne Lee and Laura Bass contrast the new (them) with the old (collectables) explore the visual possibilities of a Los Angeles outdoor antique yard.

KELLY RYAN: "FLIPPING OUT" FITNESS CHAMP - After competing in gymnastics under the scrutiny of the legendary Bella Karolyi, fitness contests are no big deal.

THE EXOTIC PHYSIQUE OF RITA DYTUCO - "Nowadays, Asian beauty is becoming more and more accepted, and I couldn't be happier about it."

SHARON BRUNEAU: THE NEW IMPROVED MODEL - Want to see the lovely Ms. Bruneau in bondage? Wearing nothing but a few strips of red tape? Wrapped in transparent plastic? You've come to the right place.

ROBIN PARKER: THE ART OF THE MUSCULAR PHYSIQUE - Two nude pictorials illustrate modern bodybuilder's response the the athletic male sculptures of Michelangelo and other Renaissance artists.

RIKKI RIFE - PUTTING THE "FIT" BACK IN FITNESS- Hiking, climbing, skiing and 19,000 mile motorcycle ride keep this fitness model in great shape - and she LOOKS great too!

MILIMAR FLORES - A DAY AT THE "BEACH"- How nice of the folks at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas to spend millions on landscaping just to provide a setting to photograph Milamar.

CRISTIANA CASONI - DOES THIS LOOK LIKE 12TH PLACE TO YOU? - The judges at the Fitness Olympia, 1999 in Las Vegas thought so. What are these people looking at ???

THESE LADIES AIN'T NO ANTIQUES! - Nikki Fuller, Astrid Falconi, Joanne Lee and Laura Bass contrast the new (them) with the old (collectables) explore the visual possibilities of a Los Angeles outdoor antique yard.

FEDERICA BELLI: "AM I GOOD ENOUGH FOR BAYWATCH?" - Why a Ms. Fitness Italy and Ms. Fitness Europe chose fitness competition over bodybuilding.

MARTHA SANCHEZ - Mexico's Overlooked Bodybuilding Bombshell - An in-depth look at the best and sexiest female bodybuilder south of the border. Examples from Martha's first ever nude photo session (as featured in Muscle Elegance issue #5), which is causing a major uproar in her native Mexico.

RAYE HOLLITT REVEALED - Two photo features and an article on the legendary "Zap" of American Gladiator fame.

KAREN SMITH - A WALK THROUGH VENICE - On the Venice Boardwalk, a beautiful, muscular young woman in a bikini is just part of the passing parade.

DENISE MASINO INVADES NEW YORK! - Is it a UFO? A space vampire? The Marquis de Sade's prom date? No, it's Denise at the 1999 Night of Champions in New York.

KARLA NELSEN & JOANNE LEE: DESERT AMAZONS It was hot in the desert, but it got worse as the wrestling action heated up between these two amazing Amazons.

FITNESS - HAWAIIAN STYLE Sea, sun, sand and beautiful athletic bodies in a "Fitness In Paradise" photo spectacular.

STILL RACHEL AFTER ALL THESE YEARS A tribute to the first Ms. Olympia, Rachel McLish

SHA-RI PENDLETON: THE BEST GLUTES IN THE WORLD Bodybuilder, high-hurdler and "Blaze" on American Gladiators, Sha-ri has a great future behind her.

THE GLAMOROUS KIM CHIZEVSKY Kim Chizevsky has achieved such superb levels of hardness and muscularity it is easy to overlook how aesthetic - and sexy - she can really be.

ONCE IN LOVE WITH AMY The "lost" photos of Amy Fadhli published here for the very first time!

GO YO! - AN HOMAGE TO YOLANDA HUGHES -Yolanda was always a fine bodybuilder and great poser. Now she is sexxxxxxxxxxxxy as well!

DINA OF THE DESERT If Dina dela Llana had been around in those days, Lawrence of Arabia might never have left.

DESERT AMAZONS - A unique set of photographs B/W nudes featuring two IFBB woman pro bodybuilders, Gillian Hodge and Yvonne Vasquez, up close and VERY personal.

BEATE DRAEBING - THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN BODYBUILDING? -IFBB World Amateur Champion Beate Draebing is known as the "Xena Of Austria." With looks like an Italian movie star, Beate is widely considered to be the most beautiful woman in all of bodybuilding competition (and perhaps in all of the world of female physique!)

NICOLE BASS INVADES VENICE BEACH -Before she was National Bodybuilding Champion, famous wrestler or Howard Stern's bodybuilder, Nicole Bass was already a sensation. During a photo session with Nicole at Venice Beach n 1987, she strode through the beach community like Godzilla thrugh New York. "Oh-oh, I think we're going need a bigger box!"



A unique exploration of the aesthetic qualities of the muscular female body.

Photographic studies of beauty, style and physiques of the top female bodybuilders and fitness women.

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Coming in Fall, 2001 - A coffee table, art book of female physique photos by Bill Dobbins, to be published internationally in three languages by German publisher Taschen, which specializes in art books, nudes and the erotic.

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